OPPO Find X3 Pro

The stereo sound is loud and detailed, and it makes playing games or watching movies that much more enjoyable on the X3 Pro. POCO burst onto the scene three years ago with the POCO F1, with that phone offering a value package that is yet to be matched. So overall Poco X3 Pro is a great value for money phone but it’s definitely not for everyone. If performance or gaming is your number one priority then go for it. Brand value do exist and it matters to many people and this is the reason why Samsung and Apple manage to sell extremely over priced phones.

Additionally, the lower resolution doesn’t leave you as much room to crop in. It’s an iterative build on top of the standard POCO X3 with few if any quality-of-life improvements. Sure, you get Gorilla Glass 6 over Gorilla Glass 5 on the X3, and the phone is slimmer, but that’s not nearly enough to make a lasting impression. So that, My experience says, The POCO X3 pro is a good mobile for starter gamers but not for professional gamers.

poco x3 pro is good or bad

In short, this phone’s cameras are quite decent, especially when we consider its price. Although some people prefer a smaller phone, many people today are looking for phones with large screens. Because if you want to fully get into a game that you are playing on your phone, or a video that you are watching, a larger screen is a better choice. As far as display features Poco X3 Pro can certainly satisfy you with its 6.67-inch screen that takes up about 107.4 cm2 of space. With a screen-to-body ratio of about 84.6%, this smartphone has a very large screen. All of this is basically par for the course for cheap phones of course. The X3 Pro doesn’t have a versatile camera, and performance will drop fast outside of good light.

  • Despite being positioned as a semi-successor to the POCOphone F1 in some regions, the POCO X3 Pro isn’t packing the absolute best processor on the market.
  • This number can be found on the back of the phone or on its box.
  • Call of duty Mobile defaulted to Very High graphics and High frame rate.
  • The difference between the two in terms of refresh rate is not something that will jump out at you.
  • The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro is essentially an updated version of 2020’s excellent Poco X3 NFC.

Finally, you can follow the How to install the ADB Driver page to install the drivers correctly. Poco USB Driver allows you to connect your Poco Smartphone and Tablets to the Windows Computer and transfer data between the computer and the Poco device. Apart from this, it also allows you to sync data between the device and the Computer, back up your existing data on the Computer or restore the data on the Poco device. The ~/bin directory stock Android firmware will contain the git-repo tool (commonly named “repo”) and the ~/android/lineage directory will contain the source code of LineageOS.

  • You can easily expect more than one day of the screen on time.
  • The MIUI 14 update for POCO X3 NFC will bring a significant improvement over previous versions of the software.
  • The lens quartet is topped off by a depth-of-field camera with 2 MP and a macro camera that is activated in the camera settings and then has a fixed focus of 4 cm.
  • The Poco F3 being the more premium model comes with a 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED display with up to 120Hz refresh rate.

You won’t get the great contrast or colour depth that OLED can deliver, but the tradeoff to deliver a higher refresh rate at this price is a smart one for the X3 Pro’s potential buyers. As with the rest of the phone, this is a choice that prioritises pure performance and gaming prowess over niceties like pro-grade colour accuracy. For that big-league chipset, POCO has sacrificed essentials like a superlative camera, a high-quality AMOLED display, and to a degree, the design. It’s not a bad phone, but rather a niche phone that’ll appeal to frugal gamers, or those who want to pack processing heat on a budget. Look a bit further and you’ll see competition from realme. The realme 8 Pro‘s Snapdragon 720G chipset might not impress, but the 108MP camera will.